Hans Thomissøn, Denmark, 1532-1573

In Hygum a little west of the town of Ribe in Jutlandia, Hans Thommissøn was born in 1532. In 1557 he became a headmaster at the cathedral school of Ribe (a high school of that time). Foru years later he became the prime priest at Our Ladys Church in Copenhagen and archdeacon for Sealand.

He died in 1573 and is buried in Our Ladys Church, Copenhagen.

Hans Thomissøn collected and edited the first major hymnbook for churchly and domestick usage. It was published in 1569 and remained for more than a generation the main hymnbook for the churches in Denmark and still to day some of the originals hymns is part of the modern churchly hymnbook.

In the original hymnbook the hymns originates from the catolic Middle Ages and from the beginning of the Reformation.

In all the book contains 268 hymns, whereas about 150 is of Danish origin. Some of the words was adaptions of Thomissøns own of the old Maria Songs – it is of a certain popular weft and treating of the Virgin Mary.