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It is not allowed to publish the music on print or in preparation for sale without Starmole’s express prior written consent.

Public advancing

At public advances the composer, arranger and author must be mentioned, including at usage reporting to the copyright-holders’ organisation.
Or in other words: Just as you normally would do with music you have bought.

Commercial usage

Publication of the music in print for any commercial use is not allowed and must only take place with written permission or according to a contract with the holder of the copyrights.
Recording of the music for television, film, CD, DVD or medias alike must be done according to the general principles and sets of agreements with the copyright holders’ organisation (KODA, SGAE, ASCAP, PRS, etc.) and current laws.
You are allowed to play the music at public occasions (that is live music, not electronical reproduction) and you are allowed to use the music for educational purpose without permission, if it takes place as described in the section “Public advancing”.